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Former deputy faces drug charges in Florida

When a person is accused of committing a crime, the individual might fear the possibility of being convicted. This is because those who have committed drug offenses and other crimes in Florida may face penalties such as time behind bars and/or hefty fines. However, the person has the legal right to aggressively defend himself or herself against the accusations. One man in our state -- a deputy -- currently faces drug charges after police said he removed drugs from a crash scene.

According to police, the deputy responded to a traffic accident back in January. The accident reportedly involved a train that struck and killed a pedestrian. The deputy, said to be 40, responded to the accident scene, police said.

Florida man faces murder charge after another man is stabbed

It's natural to feel shocked and nervous after being arrested on serious charges, such as murder. One man in Florida was recently arrested and charged following a stabbing death in our state. The murder charge came after police reportedly responded to a call of a disturbance at an apartment and saw the 22-year-old man covered with blood at the apartment's door.

Inside the apartment, police saw bloody blankets and saw the man's dead roommate, they said. A medical examiner at the scene stated that the death was a homicide. According to later reports, the roommate had been stabbed over 25 times.

Criminal defense may help arrested man to protect his rights

It can be scary not knowing what will happen to a person once he or she has been arrested. The criminal defense is responsible for ensuring that the person's rights are shielded and will strive for the most favorable outcome for the defendant in light of the circumstances. One man in Florida was recently arrested and faces criminal mischief as well as driving under the influence charges.

The incident occurred on a recent Sunday night. A man, said to be 20, was driving west on a street. According to officials, he then struck a parked car. Witnesses said they saw him in his car revving his vehicle's engine, police reported.

Criminal defense plays important role in voyeurism case

It’s natural for people to automatically assume a person is guilty if news reports indicate that he or she has been charged with a crime in Florida. However, this is far from the truth: An individual is presumed innocent unless prosecutors can prove that he or she is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. The criminal defense is responsible for ensuring that the accused person’s rights are preserved during this process.

One man in Florida recently was arrested on charges that he engaged in voyeurism. Police said the man used a smartphone to record images of the areas underneath women's skirts at a department store. The phone was hidden in the man’s shoe, police reported.

Man faces drug charges after police stop him over headlight

Individuals who have been arrested on drug charges may describe the incident as one of their worst experiences in life. A person may feel all alone, traumatized and petrified about what will happen to him or her if the charges filed against the individual are proved to be true. However, any person facing drug charges in Florida cannot be convicted unless the government can establish the individual’s guilt according to the strict standards of the criminal court system.

In a recent Florida case, a man faces drug charges after being stopped by police. The man, said to be 30, was driving a vehicle before police stopped him for having a malfunctioning headlight in early August. Authorities ran his record and apparently learned that he was driving on a suspended license. Reportedly, the suspension stemmed from his failure to make a citation payment, authorities said.

Man faces felony charges following traffic stop

A person may feel that all hope is lost once he or she has been arrested. After all, if the person is convicted, he or she could face rigid penalties. The truth is that people who are charged with crimes in Florida are always presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty in a court of law. One man in our state faces felony charges following a recent traffic stop.

The incident occurred when police said the man was driving his pickup truck at night and was pulled over by police. Authorities said the man looked confused, and he was not responsive. Reportedly, he later failed many field sobriety tests.

Criminal defense on tap for police officer charged with DUI

One police officer in Florida was recently charged with driving under the influence as well as other criminal offenses. People in the local community may immediately paint a negative picture of the accused individual. However, a strong criminal defense can help the man to vigorously fight the formal accusations. The criminal justice system views the man as innocent unless prosecutors can actually prove by relevant evidence that he is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

The officer was recently charged with a DUI after allegedly hitting a grocery cart with two kids in it in a parking lot. This reportedly occurred while he was off-duty. The man, said to be 41, subsequently posted bail.

Man and his son face drug charges in Florida

Two men were recently accused of engaging in drug crimes in Florida -- purportedly, a father and son team. Although members of the community may quickly paint a negative picture of people who face drug charges, they are viewed by the criminal justice system as innocent unless their guilt is later proved according to strict standards. The two men were arrested on a Monday in early August.

The incident took place when police stopped a vehicle for violating a traffic law. In the car was a man and his son. Police say they found probable cause to look throughout the car, where they reportedly uncovered more than 40 grams of pills containing pseudoephedrine.

Florida woman faces felony charges involving child neglect

One mom in Florida currently faces felony charges of child neglect after police said she allowed her son to play alone at a nearby park. Individuals facing this type of scenario may feel defamed and might worry about the strict penalties -- including incarceration -- that they may face if convicted of felony charges. In addition, they naturally may be concerned about what will happen to their children.

The woman, who is a single mom, may end up going to prison for five years if the government can actually prove that she did neglect her boy, said to be 7 years old. The state may assume custody of the boy. She was questioned, arrested and then handcuffed right before her son’s eyes before being taken to jail.

Man charged with DUI-related misdemeanors after fatal crash

One of the most awful things a person may experience is to be arrested on drunken driving charges. Being accused of drinking alcohol and then operating a vehicle often tarnishes a person’s image in the eyes of the community, whether the charges are for felonies or misdemeanors. One person in Florida faces DUI misdemeanor charges after allegedly being involved in an accident that led to another individual’s death.

The accident took place when the 43-year-old man was driving east on a state road, police said. According to authorities, the man ended up hitting and killing a pedestrian who was 20 years old. The pedestrian, who was reportedly on his way to meet friends, was thrown into the median of the road due to the impact of the crash.

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