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Man in Florida arrested on burglary charges

One young man in Florida was recently taken into custody on charges that he committed burglary. Police said a surveillance camera caught him leaping into the victim's yard. Jewelry valued at thousands of dollars was allegedly taken from the home during the burglary.

Police reported that the man, 21, went over a fence and entered a woman's yard on a recent Monday. They said when the woman got back home later that day, she saw that her bedroom had been ransacked and her windows smashed. The woman also told police that valuables and jewelry had been taken from the house.

Three face drug charges involving crystal meth in Florida

Three individuals were recently arrested in Florida on drug charges involving crystal meth. Police said the individuals, one woman and two men, used and cooked the substance. Their arrests on drug charges took place on a recent Sunday.

During the evening hours, police went to a residential area to follow up on a prior meth investigation. When they got to the area, they reportedly smelled ammonia. Authorities also spotted a fan that had been placed in a window for ventilation.

Woman in Florida faces DUI charges

Being pulled over and arrested on charges of driving under the influence can be a terrifying experience, causing a person to fear the worst when it comes to potentially being convicted. However, people who are charged with DUI can find consolation in the fact that just because a person is charged does not mean he or she is guilty. One woman in Florida currently faces this type of scenario.

Police said an officer spotted a car going north along U.S. 41 in a southbound lane. This occurred shortly after 1 a.m. on a recent Monday. According to officials, the police officer pulled over the driver and detected the smell of alcohol.

Florida student faces attempted murder charge

One student in Florida was recently charged with attempting to murder a fellow student. The individual facing the attempted murder charge is a 17-year-old girl. Police said she stabbed a 15-year-old male student who played football at the school.

Police reported that the girl, a senior in high school, stabbed the sophomore boy while he was standing near a fellow football player and friend. His classmates reportedly rushed to assist him after he was stabbed, and a security guard at the school was able to take the weapon from the girl. The school building was placed on lockdown while the stabbed student was transported to a medical center.

18-year-old man faces drug charges in Florida

It can be scary to be faced with criminal charges involving drug crimes in Florida. A drug charge may quickly cast a shadow on one's reputation, in addition to leading to stiff penalties, such as jail time, if one ends up being convicted. One teenager is currently facing drug charges in Florida.

Police said they recently arrested a man, age 18, on drug-related charges after they spotted him counting money in his car with a baggie of pot at his side. They found the man on a Tuesday afternoon in late February after responding to a report of drug deals going on in a fitness facility's parking lot. Police reported that the man did not even realize police were present in the area until a deputy tapped on his car window.

Two Florida teens face grand theft charges

Facing serious criminal charges can understandably be a scary experience for an individual in Florida. If the person ends up being convicted of his or her charges, he or she may lose his or her freedom, and the person may also lose future job opportunities. Two teenagers currently face charges involving grand theft in Florida.

Police said they received a call about a suspicious vehicle on a Tuesday in late March, and, upon investigating the call, they discovered two boys in the vehicle. The boys are ages 18 and 15. In addition, two juveniles were found in the vehicle's backseat.

2 men face drug charges in Florida

It can be intimidating to be arrested on drug charges in Florida. This is because a drug charge that ends up turning into a drug conviction can result in penalties such as time behind bars and fines. Fortunately, just because a person faces drug charges does not mean he or she is automatically considered guilty in the eyes of the law. The individual is presumed innocent until and unless his or her guilt is proved beyond a reasonable doubt.

Two men in Florida were recently arrested on drug charges when police were trying to serve a warrant to one of them for his failure to make child support payments. Police served the warrant to the man, age 46, at his home. At that time, they saw him and another man, age 51, in a building on the property. The younger man reportedly had a mask covering his nose and mouth and also had safety goggles on.

Man charged with rape and other crimes in Florida

When an individual is accused of a serious crime, such as rape, it is natural for citizens in the community to view that person negatively. However, an individual is presumed innocent under Florida law until he or she is proved guilty in a court of law. One man currently faces rape charges in Florida after a woman said he sexually assaulted her.

Police reported that the man targeted a woman early in the morning on a recent Saturday. He allegedly offered to give her a ride home after he saw her walking down the street. Officials said that when the woman was in the car with him, he brandished a gun and kept her from exiting the vehicle.

Doctor faces drug charges in Florida

Facing drug charges can not only ruin a person's reputation but also a person's hope for freedom in the future. One doctor in Florida currently faces drug charges after being accused of dispensing drugs for no valid medical purpose. Authorities said that, in one case, the morphine that was provided to a patient ended up killing the patient.

The 56-year-old physician was arrested on a recent Friday. He operated a pain management practice and had dispensed a variety drugs during 2011 and 2012 that were deemed not to be medically needed. These included oxycodone, morphine, methadone and alprazolam.

2 men charged in bank robbery

Two people were recently charged in a robbery in Florida. When a person faces criminal charges tied to a robbery or another serious crime, he is presumed innocent until and unless prosecutors prove his guilt beyond a reasonable doubt in court. If the prosecution fails, no conviction is possible.

According to police, two men attempted to rob a Bank of America branch shortly after noon on a Friday. The two men are 38 and 52. Police said the younger man was wearing a surgical mask while committing the crime in an attempt to conceal his face. The older man, a transient, reportedly drove the younger man to the bank and then back from the business.

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