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Florida college student arrested on felony drug charges

A man in Florida currently faces felony drug charges. The individual facing the drug charges -- a student of Florida State University -- was arrested following one of the biggest drug seizures the university police say it has ever seen. The recent Wednesday arrest came after police said they had gotten information that the man was selling pot.

Officials reported that they then entered the apartment of the man, reported to be 20 years of age. They said that, while they were there, they smelled pot coming from the home. After obtaining a search warrant, police reportedly discovered several pounds of pot, cash totaling over $5,000 and scales as well as drug paraphernalia. The pot was packaged in individual plastic bags. Police also allegedly found prescription medication that did not belong to the man.

Several accused of drug offenses at Florida club

Several people were recently arrested on charges related to drugs and the illegal distribution of alcohol at a Florida club. The arrests in connection with the alleged drug offenses were made on Saturday following a sheriff's office inspection. The inspection happened in the morning after an earlier covert investigation reportedly revealed that a bartender sold alcohol illegally.

During the inspection, which took place at approximately 6 a.m., investigators seized cash totaling around $1,400, which they said came from unlawful alcohol sales. They also said they seized 85 liquor bottles and 20 beer bottles. Furthermore, several bags of drugs were allegedly found, including cocaine, marijuana cigarettes, marijuana and ecstasy.

Man accused of DUI may wish to focus heavily on criminal defense

Being accused of driving under the influence can be petrifying, but the stakes are even higher when one's alleged drunken driving results in serious injuries to another person. This is the situation that one man is facing following an injury accident in Florida. The man's criminal defense assumes the responsibility for making sure that his rights are not infringed in a court of law.

The crash took place on a Saturday night. According to police, a 14-year-old and 17-year-old were trying to push a car that had run out of gasoline on the road. All of a sudden, a vehicle driven by a 54-year-old man allegedly hit the teens. The accident happened shortly before 11:30 p.m.

Florida teacher arrested on DUI charges

One Florida teacher was recently arrested and charged with driving under the influence. If the woman ends up being convicted of DUI, she may face consequences such as jail time and a fine. Although it may initially appear to the public that the woman is guilty of her charges, she is presumed innocent in a court of law.

The woman, said to be 48, was arrested following a December traffic stop shortly before 2 a.m. on a Tuesday. Police said the woman was heading south along U.S. 1 in a car. At that time, police said she nearly struck about five vehicles, according to witnesses. The woman reportedly continued driving erratically, entering and leaving the road's center lane. When police stopped her, she apparently told authorities she was attempting to get home.

Deputy in Florida accused of committing drug offenses

A Florida deputy was recently arrested following a traffic stop, during which police reportedly found drugs. When someone is accused of committing drug offenses, he or she may feel uneasy about how to defend himself or herself. Proper legal guidance may help the person to avoid conviction, which can have long-term consequences.

In the recent Florida case, a 25-year-old man was pulled over for allegedly turning right illegally. Police said he had also committed a safety belt violation. Police claim they found hydrocodone pills as well as a joint in the man's car while searching the vehicle.

2 face murder charges in death of infant

Two people in Florida were recently taken into custody after police said they allowed their baby to starve to death. The couple now face murder charges in the first degree. The incident happened when the two individuals were traveling from out-of-state to see family in Florida.

Police said the pair made a call for emergency assistance after they reportedly discovered their baby unresponsive while in their vehicle. The baby was 22 days old. Officials said the baby ended up being declared dead in a hospital after having apparently starved to death.

Man faces DUI charges after allegedly hitting police car

Being accused of drinking and driving can be a harrowing experience. This is especially the case if one is said to have been driving under the influence and colliding with a police officer's car. One man in Florida currently faces several charges, including DUI, after police said he ran into a parked patrol vehicle and fled the scene.

Police reported that the incident took place at about 9 p.m. Authorities had established a road block in an area so they could investigate a collision. A man, said to be 58, was driving a motorcycle and reportedly crashed it into a police vehicle parked in the area with emergency lights flashing.

Woman faces felony charges following alleged DUI injury crash

It can be a frightening ordeal to be arrested for driving while intoxicated. Even scarier is being arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol and injuring someone in the process. One woman currently faces felony charges in Florida after allegedly driving drunk.

According to police, the accident happened one Saturday morning after several individuals had returned to their vehicles from a beach. They said that all of a sudden, one person backed up onto a victim at about 3 a.m. Witnesses explained to police that the person who was reportedly driving the vehicle at the time of the crash did not respond to demands to move forward and free the trapped victim.

Man arrested on drug charges near wooded lot in Florida

Being arrested on drug-related charges can make for one of the most humiliating and intimidating days of a person's life. An individual facing drug charges may understandably be worried about his or her fate in the criminal justice system, and he or she might also be concerned about how the arrest may damage his or her reputation in the long run. One man is currently facing this scenario in Florida.                            

Police said they were completing a safety check in the area of a lot that was wooded when they noticed a vehicle parked nearby. Police approached the vehicle and said they smelled marijuana emanating from it. When police proceeded to pat the man down, they said they also discovered a pipe used to smoke crack in the man's pocket.

Florida police officer charged with DUI

A police officer who was off duty was recently arrested in Florida on charges of driving under the influence. The arrest related to DUI took place early in the morning on a Monday. Police said that the 51-year-old man had run a red light, and so they pulled him over.

After pulling the man over, the man reportedly showed signs that he was impaired in some manner. However, police said that the man refused to be tested. He was then arrested without any incident.

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