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Man faces drug charges after alleged confiscation of pot, pills

Being labeled a criminal due to allegedly being involved in drug activity can be mortifying. It can also have a negative impact on a person’s future, and can tarnish the individual’s reputation even if it turns out that he or she is found not guilty. One person recently was arrested on drug charges in Florida.

The man, said to be 40, was arrested on charges related to cultivating marijuana, controlled substance possession and drug paraphernalia possession. Police said they were told that the man was growing pot in a particular backyard as well as in a field nearby. Authorities then found the owner of the home with the backyard in question, and the homeowner permitted police to conduct a search of the vicinity.

Florida State receiver faces felony theft charges

One college football player in Florida has been accused of committing a felony. Jesus Wilson, who faces theft charges, allegedly stole another individual's motor scooter -- an act that has resulted in his being suspended from his Florida State University team. Authorities said the man was stopped while riding the scooter a few days after the scooter was reported as being stolen.

The accused man, a receiver, told authorities that his friend had let him borrow the scooter. However, after police investigated the matter, they charged him with grand vehicle theft in the third degree. The man later turned himself into police and posted a bond of $2,500.

10 accused of committing drug offenses as part of Florida ring

Government officials recently completed an investigation into an organization allegedly involved in drug trafficking in Florida. The investigation led the state’s attorney general and federal drug enforcement officials to round up 10 residents from the central part of the state. The organization to which they are believed to have belonged is said to have committed drug offenses involving the distribution of molly, marijuana and cocaine.

Drug enforcement officials said they utilized authorized telephone interceptions in order to expose the drug ring. Those individuals reportedly involved in the ring included one woman, while the rest were men. Five of the individuals were arrested on charges of a variety of drug offenses.

Man wrongly accused of murder in Florida

People can feel frustrated after being falsely accused of a crime for multiple reasons. First, the ordeal can be highly stressful, particularly if there are stiff consequences for being found guilty of a certain offense. Second, a false accusation can easily tarnish a person’s reputation in the eyes of the public even if the individual ends up being found not guilty. One man recently faced the scenario of being wrongly accused in Florida after being charged with murder.

The 20-year-old man was charged with fatally shooting another person. However, prosecutors recently dropped the murder charge after the man’s attorney presented travel, phone and social media records indicating that the man was in another country during the time the shooting happened. The man stated he was grateful to be free.

Criminal defense can help person facing DUI charges in Florida

Being arrested and accused of driving under the influence understandably may be scary for an individual in Florida, but it may also be embarrassing if the person is looked up to in the community. The accused person might wonder what the outcome of the incident will be and how the event will affect his or her reputation. The criminal defense has a duty to help the arrested person to strive for the most personally favorable outcome in our criminal justice system.

A high school instructor was recently charged with DUI and hitting a police officer while resisting the officer. This occurred when the 28-year-old man was heading north toward police in his vehicle while police were investigating a different incident. The man failed to stop even though an officer flashed a light toward the car, indicating that police were on the road. Two officers were able to escape being hit, but another one was struck.

Florida politician faces DUI charges

Being charged with drunk driving can turn what may have been a seemingly normal day into one of the most traumatic days of one’s life. This is particularly true if the person accused of driving while intoxicated is a public figure in the community, as the news can quickly make its way around town. However, the individual facing DUI charges in Florida has the right to defend his or her innocence and seek an outcome that is in his or her best interest.

One man in Florida who is on the state’s Legislature was arrested and accused of drinking and driving in April. The individual recently ended up receiving six months of probation and will have to undergo alcohol tests as part of a plea agreement that was agreed upon. He entered a no contest plea to a reckless driving charge, which is a less severe charge.

Public defender faces drug charges in Florida

Getting into trouble for allegedly possessing drugs is naturally scary. The event can also be humiliating for an individual who is well-known in the community. One public figure in Florida is currently dealing with this ordeal due to facing drug charges for allegedly engaging in drug trafficking.

The man is Lenny Platteborze, who has had a lengthy career as a public defender of Walton County. The man ended up being fired following his arrest for reportedly trafficking in oxycodone. The 61-year-old said he kept the illegal drugs inside his desk after getting them from different clients or buying them illegally, according to police.

Man in Florida faces felony burglary charge

A criminal conviction can affect a person for an entire lifetime. This is why a person who is charged with a crime such as burglary has the right to fight these allegations. One man is currently dealing with this scenario in Florida after being accused of stealing more than $20,000 worth of jewelry and cash from a person’s home.

The man who was arrested on a recent Wednesday is 24 years old. He faces felony charges associated with grand theft, burglarizing a structure that wasn't occupied and trying to traffic in stolen goods. His bond was set at $15,000.

3 face arson and burglary charges in Florida

Getting arrested and knowing that prosecutors will try to secure a conviction on serious charges can be intimidating. Fortunately, the justice system in Florida is designed to make sure that an accused person has the right to fair and unbiased legal proceedings. Three people, including a teenager, are facing this scenario after being suspected of engaging in burglary and arson.

A man, a woman and a male teen, who is 17 years old, was arrested following a series of fires, police said. The arrests came after the sheriff’s office and state authorities investigated the matter. On an early June morning, a fire occurred at a mobile home that was vacant.

Woman faces DUI charge following alleged pedestrian accident

Driving while under the influence of alcohol is a serious charge in Florida, especially if another party is injured while an intoxicated person is at the wheel. People who find themselves facing charges of driving while intoxicated are typically afraid of being convicted and punished. However, no matter how minor or serious a DUI charge seems to be, the accused person cannot be convicted unless and until prosecutors fulfill their duty to prove his or her guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

One 18-year-old woman in Florida finds herself in this situation after she was arrested on a recent Tuesday. According to police, she struck a bicyclist with her car. She then crashed into a home while intoxicated, authorities said.

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