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Former police officer faces drug charges in Florida

Drug charges can be intimidating for an individual who has been accused of federal crimes involving illegal substances in Florida. Individuals in this situation may feel that they have targets on their backs, with many people in the community potentially detesting drugs due to their perceived connection to poverty and other social problems. However, individuals who face drug charges -- just like anyone accused of any crime -- actually are protected under state and federal laws. No conviction can occur unless prosecutors can establish each and every element of a crime charged by competent and relevant proof in court.

One man, a former police officer, is facing this scenario in Florida. His federal charges involve selling prescription drugs while he was on duty. He also faces a charge for purportedly carrying a gun during the commission of a drug trafficking crime.

Trick Daddy faces drug charges after cocaine found in home

A well-known entertainer recently was arrested on drug charges in Florida. The rapper, Trick Daddy, was arrested at his home on charges related to weapons and cocaine. The man, whose real name is Maurice Young, has the right to defend himself as the proceedings move forward within the criminal justice system in our state. A person who faces drug charges remains innocent before the court unless his or her guilt is effectively proved by the strict standard of proof required.

The police went to the 39-year-old rapper's home after getting a sniff warrant, which allows authorities to search the exterior part of a home using dogs. Young was backing his car out of the home, and police asked him to get out of the vehicle. Police say that he was driving with a suspended license.

Infant dies in Florida, woman faces murder charges

A recent criminal case in Florida involves a woman who faces charges linked to the death of her infant daughter. The 26-year-old woman has been charged with aggravated child abuse and first degree murder after authorities said she picked her daughter up and threw her twice. The incident injured the baby and caused her death, according to police. Nevertheless, an individual who faces murder charges is entitled to protections under our state laws.

One Sunday afternoon, emergency personnel were called to a home where they found a 6-week-old girl critically injured. The baby was transported to the hospital. The girl suffered skull fractures and also experienced bleeding in her skull before she later died.

Man's drug charges include possession of drugs, paraphernalia

In the criminal justice system, a person who has been accused of committing drug offenses may find comfort in knowing that Lady Justice is on his or her side. In a society that lacks protections for the accused, people who face drug charges may immediately be punished without having a say. Fortunately, this is not the case in Florida or other states in our country. No matter how small or large the criminal accusation may be, an individual has the right to defend himself or herself in a criminal courtroom and remains fully innocent unless and until proved guilty.

One man recently was charged with cocaine possession. The situation began when police pulled over the 57-year-old man for not stopping at a red light. The man looked nervous and apparently didn't want authorities to search his car. A K9 dog, however, picked up the scent of drugs in the vehicle.

Florida man faces multiple drug charges after police search

Having one's home invaded and searched by the police can be an intimidating and frightening experience. One man is currently facing multiple drug charges after a narcotics unit and sheriff's deputies raided his Florida home. If convicted of the current charges, the accused man could be facing very serious consequences which could include jail time.

A 29-year-old Florida man was arrested recently after officers executed a search warrant at his place of residence. According to the Walton County Sheriff's Office, 17 marijuana plants and an excess of 500 grams of methamphetamine oil were allegedly found in the suspect's home. Officers also claim to have recovered a substance that they suspected was acid being stored in eye dropper bottles, as well as other drug paraphernalia.

Florida officer and ex-officer charged with felonies for fraud

In the aftermath of the recent recession, many people in Florida, who are trying to put their lives back together, have been overwhelmed with debt. Desperation could move otherwise law abiding citizens to resort to questionable acts to obtain money. Two men have been charged with felonies regarding a claimed scam to fraudulently reap insurance benefits. They have been accused of committing arson and submitting a false insurance claim.

A police officer who is described by his lawyer as a man with professionalism and integrity, along with an ex-officer, recently turned themselves in at the county jail in Brevard County. This followed investigations into allegations received by Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) concerning the men. The allegations insinuated that the two men had intentionally torched a boat and claimed the insurance money during the latter half of 2013.

Florida man faces various charges including domestic violence

Florida residents may agree that an insignificant argument between two people in a relationship can turn into a physical, aggressive situation in an instant. When one partner in a relationship, or often a former partner, is threatened by the other party, he or she may want to report the matter to authorities without delay. Such arguments often blow over in a day or two, but the imminent danger of domestic violence can never be ignored.

When a Florida woman woke up in the early hours of a recent Sunday morning, a former boyfriend was allegedly positioned in the doorway, pointing a gun at her. He apparently intimidated her by saying that he would kill one of her two children unless she left with him and reportedly kicked her down the stairway. She said that she managed to convince him to let her go back inside to be with her children when she promised not to report the matter. While he slept on the floor, she gathered her two children and went to the police to file charges.

Drug offenses in Florida must be proven beyond reasonable doubt

Some people in the local area see drugs as a vice that leads to serious problems in the community. For this reason, they are quick to frown upon those who are accused of drug offenses. However, the justice system sees these individuals very differently. Unless there is overwhelming evidence that an individual committed a drug violation, he or she remains innocent in Florida.

One woman in Florida recently was charged with drug possession following a vehicle crash. The incident occurred when she was driving a car and ended up striking the back of another vehicle. The woman said she was texting when the wreck occurred.

Possible false accusation of spousal abuse in Florida

Being married comes with plenty of ups and downs. Understandably, no relationship is perfect. However, when couples decide to get divorced allegations of spousal abuse can be made out of anger or to spite the other person. These allegations can lead to Florida criminal investigations and could potentially cause serious harm to one's reputation and character.

A Democratic Representative for Florida is currently under investigation after allegations of spousal abuse were reported by his estranged wife. One of the congressman's spokes people allegedly called the accusations frivolous and stated that the claims of abuse are presumed to be the efforts of the woman to damage the reputation of her former husband. The woman filed for divorce earlier this year.

Young man arrested and charged in Florida was wrongly accused

Any crime that is committed is worthy of criminal charges. However, being wrongly accused of a crime can ultimately and understandably change a person's life forever. Recent reports indicate that there were two boys with the same name who happened to attend the same Florida school, were around the same age and apparently looked similar to one another. This similarity in names and ages ultimately led to one of the boys being wrongfully accused of a crime.

After a young girl reported to police that she had previously had intercourse with a specific boy who was much older than her, those officials apparently failed to give her a photo lineup to determine if the boy they considered a suspect was recognized by the girl. Officers arrested one of the boys in his home two months after the initial report was filed. The young man was arrested for sexual battery and imprisoned for a crime he did not commit. It was not until after the now 18-year-old had been in jail for 35 days that he was released with request of having the arrest expunged from his criminal record by the Sheriff's Department.

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