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Man faces both DUI and drug charges in Florida

When a person faces criminal charges in Florida, he or she might feel hopeless and expect the worst to happen. However, unless and until prosecutors can prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, that person is still presumed innocent legally. One man in Florida currently faces drug charges following an alleged DUI incident.

The man, said to be 55, was reportedly involved in a vehicle crash where he was found to have been drinking and driving. Police claim that, when they arrived at the crash scene, the man showed several signs of being intoxicated. He also admitted to authorities that he had had some drinks, officials said.

Criminal defense may be chief focus of person charged with DUI

When a person is accused of drunken driving, he or she may naturally fear the worst. The person's fears may become especially heightened if the crash that he or she was involved in reportedly led to another individual's death; the person's criminal defense in such a case will strive to help him or her achieve the most ideal outcome, considering the circumstances. One woman in Florida recently was sentenced after being convicted of drinking and driving and killing two women as a result.

The incident happened in 2012. According to police, the woman was driving the incorrect way on a highway. At that point, she collided with a vehicle that was carrying two sisters, police said.

Several men's club employees face drug charges

Several employees at a men's club in Florida were recently arrested and charged with drug crimes. The drug charges came after police in the city of Miami said they spoke with the strip club managers at Upper East Side and reviewed with them what could be sold there, who was permitted and its allowable hours of operation. Police also said they warned the managers that they used undercover police and would take any necessary action.

After the meeting, police began to make visits to the club. Their investigation started when they received a complaint that the club was selling alcohol beyond the 5 a.m. cut-off. While there, police noticed that liquor indeed was being sold later than allowed, and cocaine and marijuana were being sold by workers, they reported.

Woman faces felony charges after child suffers head injuries

One owner of a day care in Florida is facing charges after a toddler suffered traumatic injuries while she was taking care of him. The boy, who died as a result of his injuries, was said to be 16 months old. Her felony charges include aggravated child abuse that leads to death; this is similar to a charge of murder in the second degree.

The owner of the day care is 55 years old. She operated the care center in her home. Police said the boy's injuries seemed to indicate that he had been violently shaken. There's a possibility that the state prosecutor will try to bring a charge of murder in the first degree against the woman.

Florida woman faces drug charges following probation search

One woman in Florida faces multiple charges related to drugs following a recent probation search. It is natural for a person facing serious drug charges to feel scared and worried about his or her future. However, a strong criminal defense team can help the person to make sure that his or her best interests are upheld at all states of the criminal proceeding.

According to police, a probation officer searched her and discovered drug-related paraphernalia. The woman then gave a deputy permission to search her home. There, the deputy uncovered additional paraphernalia, officials reported.

Man in Florida faces DUI charges

One man in Florida was found to have been driving the wrong way on the interstate recently, according to police. The man was said to have been under the influence of alcohol at the time of the incident. One police officer said he narrowly escaped a crash with the man in the area of Interstate 275. The man, said to be 25, faces charges of DUI.

No crashes or injuries resulted from the alleged wrong-way driving situation, police reported. The incident took place during the early morning hours on a Sunday. When police pulled the man over, they apparently detected the smell of alcohol on him.

Florida man accused of first-degree murder

Being charged with a serious crime may cause a person to feel hopeless, as if there is no way he or she can avoid being convicted. However, a person who's been charged with a felony in Florida, such as murder, will always be deemed innocent unless prosecutors can adequately prove that he or she committed the crime for which he or she is charged. It is the job of the criminal defense to ensure that the accused person's rights are never violated during the criminal proceeding.

One man in Florida was recently arrested on charges of murder in the first degree. The 44-year-old man allegedly picked up one woman, said to be 24, and then killed her. Police said he then transported the woman's body to a river and hid her there. The next day, a kayaker discovered her, authorities reported.

Criminal defense may help woman charged with DUI manslaughter

Being arrested on charges of DUI manslaughter can be one of the scariest experiences of a person's life. The individual may not know where to turn for help and may feel that going to prison is inevitable. However, the accused person's criminal defense in Florida can help the individual to explore all of his or her legal options in order to pursue the most satisfactory outcome attainable under the circumstances. 

A Florida woman recently found herself in this scenario after being arrested for driving under the influence. She is accused of killing someone in the process. The woman is said to be 32 and has since posted bail.

Couple faces weapon charges, drug charges

One couple in Florida was recently arrested on multiple charges of weapons and drug-related crimes. Although it may appear to the public that these two individuals are guilty, they actually are presumed innocent until and unless prosecutors can prove they are truly guilty, in criminal court and by an exacting measure of proof. Reportedly, both the man and woman facing weapon and drug charges are 35 years old.

The two individuals were wanted after authorities apparently discovered a pot-growing operation at their home. Seven warrants were issued for their arrests. Authorities say they ended up seizing 20 grown marijuana plants as well as nine baby plants at their house.

Woman faces felony theft charges in Florida

Once a person has been arrested and his or her face is plastered on the news, it's easy for local citizens to label the person guilty. However, until and unless guilt is actually established by competent proof in court, the person remains innocent from the law's vantage point. This is true for one woman who currently faces theft charges in Florida.

The incident involves the previous coach of a high school dance team. The 30-year-old allegedly stole from the team fund and now faces one felony theft count and three misdemeanor theft counts. She is said to have stolen more than $11,000; in addition, three parents apparently paid over $17,000 directly to the woman.

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